3 Benefits of Living Around Trees

Everybody knows at least one reason trees are important. Aside from providing homes for animals, cleaning the air, and even producing fruit, trees have other benefits to a person’s health and overall well-being. For instance, in some Asian countries, people spend time around trees to find spiritual healing. Then, of course, there are documented psychological benefits of green spaces.

Progressive companies like Rodrock Development, in fact, are aware of the importance of greenery; as such, they make the most of natural landscapes and preserve the mature trees in the area.

Indeed, there’s more to a tree than just being strong and providing shade.

Keeps You Healthy

The oxygen that humans need to function properly comes from trees and other plants. Our body and brain can’t work the way they’re meant to work without adequate oxygen. Trees also help reduce air pollution. Their leaves absorb air pollutants and diffuse these harmful chemicals into the trees’ cells as another acid that the trees can use. That means, the more you surround yourself with trees, the fresher the air you’ll breathe.

Keeps You Happy

Nature’s greenery has been proven to be an antidepressant in both adults and teens. A study has shown that those who live in areas with more greenery have a lower count of depressed teens and adults. In Japan, there’s a practice called “forest bathing” which is just simply meditating in the midst of the trees. The Japanese believe that trees can absorb negative energy and replace it with positive energy.

Promotes Outdoor Living

Surely, you know how being cooped up in your room is unhealthy. You don’t have fresh air or real sunlight to nourish your body. Living around trees is a constant reminder that you have to get out there and enjoy nature and all its benefits.

Preserving trees and all other greenery doesn’t only save the earth, it also saves the human life that lives on it. That’s you, your family, your children, and other generations to follow. Saving trees has never been more important than now.